A heavy layer of hail coats the golf course…in July!

A freak summer storm ran roughshod over the golf course at Pine Hollow Little Par 3 on Tuesday, July 14th. Thick patches of icy hailstones covered the ground and that, coupled with torrential rains, created a glacier about 20′ x 12′ x 2″ in the woods off the back of the course. Hail was still visible in places even on Saturday, insulated by a covering of downed pine needles.

river of hail over pine needles and confetti leaves

That “river” of hail stones you see is not running through grass, but rather downed pine needles and shredded leaves. It was quite the cleanup effort needed to restore this little golf course back to pristine playability!

Special thanks goes out to Sam Mercier and Willy Dumont who donated time and muscle to this big clean-up effort. Thanks so much, guys!

Now that the storm has passed and we’re back to our normal summer temperatures, the course is looking more like its summer self and ready for shouts of “Fore!” and golf balls soaring down the greens.

Hopefully, the rest of the season will be uneventful – save for those Holes in One you may achieve during your round of Little Par 3 Golf.

Swing on by one of these hot summer days and enjoy some fun (and safe) entertainment the whole family can enjoy.


Hail covered putting green at golf course entrance
hail stones and pine needles at hole
Hail stones and mist enshrouded gazebo